Poorly documented? Don’t mind if I do! Today I have for you something I’ve always wanted to build, and finally did: A functional big damn knife switch. The sort that is generally referred to with the phrase “Throw The Switch!” just before something high voltage and squishy occurs. I only took 5 pictures of this one, so I just labeled them. This switch, as so many past things, was a prop for the Science Musical.


Posted on October 9, 2008 in buliding stuff, misc, shiny / glowy by kaz4 Comments »

awesomeThere comes a time in every young scientist’s life when he or she needs a vial of Liquid Awesome.  It could be the final component needed to complete an army of face-punching robots.  Maybe they’re completely out of Totally Awesome Sweet Alabama Liquid Snake and are ready for the ‘hard stuff’.  Heck, they might even need it as a prop in a vaguely Science-themed musical to be performed in front of wasted hippies!  Who knows?  The point is that although I am not particularly young, not technically a “scientist,” or even in possession of what one might call a “life,” that time came for me.  And now, word philanthropist that I am, I shall SHARE as much of my construction process as I can remember or bothered to take pictures of. (more…)