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EyeballsBeen meaning to do this one for a while now, and this is just the prototype version, but here goes:

Basically, it’s a shot at building super-cheap animatronic eyeballs for various home and garden applications. The core of the thing is 4 matching spoons, some thumbtacks, and a pair of pingpong balls. I’m going to pretty much let the pictures do the talking on this one.

Holy Metal Spoons Batman

I put some holes in these places because it seemed like a good idea

Simply Riveting...

I chopped most of the spoons off, bent them at right angles, and pop-riveted them together at the handle holes

TackyI added some new holes because I cannot measure to save my life and put the first holes in the wrong place. Then I glued thumbtacks into the holes and used rubber bands to hold them there until the glue set
Pop That CornI speared a pair of pingpong balls on the thumbtacks, drew pupils on the front, and glued suction cups to the back. I also bent the hooks on the suction cups into rings.
TomAnd finally, I attached a standard RC hobby servo to the rings in the cups via a bent paper clip. This bit is up to you and your budget. I’m working on building a cheap servo out of a spin pop and some paper clips, but honestly you can pick up those hobby servos online for like $10.

Here’s the uncalibrated result (I still need to mess with the spacing to get maximum travel from the eyes)