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Man, it sure is a good thing that My People celebrate the Double-Length-Monday Feast of Saint Hankrod, otherwise I’d have been LATE posting this week’s project.

So, anyway, I was going to try and finish the Triangle Beast game this week, but that was not to be. After digging in and re-familiarizing myself with his organs and whatnot, I realized that his ActionScript brains were a bloated tumorous mass of scar tissue and teeth. I’d have to rewrite pretty much all of him to make him do anything beyond his current stilted repertoire.

if you're quick, you can see the spider monkey preloader Fuck a bunch of that.

If I’m starting from scratch, I may as well pay homage to my favorite Webding: Good ol’ 0x6D, “Guy in a suit who was too busy hopping up and down to notice the sneaky Webdings Photographer.”

So that is what I did.

If IE won’t let you see this and you wanna then click here

At this point in the narrative, his life consists of prowling the deserted street of his beloved 0x43 City, readying himself for battles he knows may never come.

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The Long: (skip to the synopsis, skip to the thing)

OK so here’s the deal. I’m really good at coming up with exciting new projects to make/animate/build/desecrate/record/etc. I’m even decent at starting them. Where I tend to fall a bit below the curve is completion; I lack the discipline to stay focused on a single project for its duration. Since few of these side projects have actual real-world applications, I’m not really held accountable for finishing any of them. That’s where you come in, faithful internet. Inspired by the terribly nifty Mr. Jonathan Coulton and his Thing-A-Week project, I’m going to try and finish SOMETHING every week.

The Short:
I’m going to do my damndest to complete at least one project every week for the next 3 months, and to keep me honest I’ll post each week’s result (completed or not) here on the Monday following its week.

The Particulars:

  • A "project" shall be defined as "any fucking thing I’ve been meaning to finish"
  • Said project can not be something I’m doing directly for money, since getting paid is already a tangible enough impetus and I don’t have trouble finishing those projects.
  • Ideally, the project will be one of the legions of projects I’ve already started and is currently wasting space in my workroom or on my hard drive.
  • I suppose it is likely that a project may take more than a week to complete, in this instance I’ll post brief weekly progress reports showing actual progress.

That being said, let me get the ball rolling with the most recent thing I’ve completed that is also within photographing distance,

The Cutlery Ipod Dock:

Yeah I own an ipod, fuck you too.
Materials: 3 Spoons, 2 forks, 1 Ipod Cable

Until Next Week…